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1:7 - 4WD - 8S - Monster Truck - ARTR*

95+km/h, Hobbywing EzRun MAX6 160A 8S ESC

Unleash the Ultimate Power: AMXRacing Mammoth Extreme Monster Truck

Dominating Speed and Power 

Experience the thrill of raw power with the AMXRacing Mammoth Extreme Monster Truck. Designed as an ARTR version tailored for 8S LiPos (2x 4S 14.8V), this colossal 4WD monster truck in 1:7 scale is the embodiment of extreme speed, reaching an astonishing 95+km/h on the asphalt. The Pro variant stands as a monument to speed and power, equipped with top-tier features including the Hobbywing EzRun MAX6 160A 8S ESC, a high-performance 4292 brushless motor boasting 1450kv, and a robust 35kg steering servo featuring a metal gearbox and steel drive shafts. And let’s not forget the vibrant LED lighting, which not only illuminates the path ahead but also ensures that the Mammoth Extreme stands out as a true eye-catcher, day or night.

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Conquer Limits, Embrace Thrills

Get ready to redefine your limits as you embrace the adrenaline-pumping ride of the AMXRacing Mammoth Extreme. Powered by an 8S drive that catapults you to speeds exceeding 95km/h, this beastly machine thrives on oversized monster truck tires that grip any surface with unyielding force. The colossal center differential ensures a perfect power distribution to both axles, granting you unrivaled control. With its generous ground clearance, this colossus takes on obstacles that others fear. The AMXRacer promises an unmatched thrill where acceleration meets balance, inviting you to savor every pulse-quickening moment.

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Built to Endure, Engineered for Excellence

Long-lasting pleasure awaits you with the AMXRacing Mammoth Extreme Monster Truck, engineered for rugged endurance and lasting performance. Crafted with durability in mind, crucial components like the main gear, differentials, and drive train are meticulously constructed from steel, ensuring longevity even under intense stress. Active cooling systems keep the motor and controller in peak condition, while CNC-machined aluminum shock towers and adjustable oil-pressure shock absorbers absorb impact with finesse. The 5mm aluminum chassis plate guarantees unwavering torsional rigidity, excelling on rough terrains and making each journey an extraordinary experience.

Ready to Unleash Your Adventure?

Are you ready to seize the wheel of unparalleled power and exhilaration? The AMXRacing Mammoth Extreme Monster Truck is your gateway to an adventure that pushes boundaries and redefines excitement. With its mind-bending speed, robust construction, and precise control, it's a true embodiment of automotive excellence.

Get in Gear and Ignite Your Passion!

Don’t wait any longer—get ready to embark on a journey where speed meets control and every ride is a triumph. Take the plunge and make the AMXRacing Mammoth Extreme Monster Truck your driving companion. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a newcomer seeking heart-pounding thrills, this monster truck is your ticket to an adventure of a lifetime.

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Model (ARTR – Batteries not included)
Remote control
Various accessories
Operating instructions DE/EN


4x 1.5V Mignon batteries for the remote control
2x 3S or 2x 4S LiPo battery with XT90 contacts (min. 5000mAh 30C recommended)
Suitable charger for LiPo batteries
Tools for possible repairs or similar
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